19. Halloween Questionnaire 

Hello again dearies! 🦇🎃 (I’ve been watching A LOT of Once Upon A Time recently, so don’t mind my obsession with using that nickname hahaa.) On Friday the 13th, I posted my Halloween themed Would You Rather, and I mentioned a second idea that I’d save for another (rainy) day. Well, today’s the day! And… Continue reading 19. Halloween Questionnaire 


17. Friday the 13th

Hello, hello, hello, dearies! 💀👻👽 I find it so fascinating that this day managed to occur in the spookiest month of the year! Little bit of a coincidence, right? Even though I would love to do something spooky for you guys, I tend to be quite the scaredy cat, so I managed to find another… Continue reading 17. Friday the 13th