21. Love Yourself

Find a way to stay in your skin. Hello, hello, hello! If you've seen my last post then you know that I've been taking a little break from my blog while I focus on my schoolwork. I mentioned that I would be back once the semester is over, which I will, but I figured I'd… Continue reading 21. Love Yourself


20. Itty Bitty Update

Well, hello there! 👋🏻👋🏻 It sure has been awhile, hasn’t it? Life has certainly taken over. And by life I mean school. Let’s just say it’s been kicking my butt lately. Anyone else feel my pain? Anywho, that’s the main reason I’ve been so MIA lately, and I apologize profusely. I want you all to… Continue reading 20. Itty Bitty Update

9. Chalk-full of Inspiration

Be the rainbow in someone's storm. While on a walk with my family, I noticed some artwork drawn in chalk on the sidewalk. I smiled instantly because it immediately brought me back to my childhood when I spent hours drawing with chalk, and it warmed my heart to think of today's kids doing the same,… Continue reading 9. Chalk-full of Inspiration