12. Guess the Song [Music Monday #3]

Hello again! It's that time of the week: Music Monday! For this week's post, I'm going to do a Guess The Song Challenge on YouTube. For this video, there are rules pertaining to how you get points. You have 10 seconds to guess the song. If you guess in the first 5 seconds, you get… Continue reading 12. Guess the Song [Music Monday #3]

10. Through the Decades [Music Monday #2]

Hello, my lovelies! I hope you've all had a great start to your week! I apologize for this post coming pretty late, but I had kind of a rough day today, so I was off my game for a good bit of the time. But, I'm here now with the second installment of my Music… Continue reading 10. Through the Decades [Music Monday #2]

9. Chalk-full of Inspiration

Be the rainbow in someone's storm. While on a walk with my family, I noticed some artwork drawn in chalk on the sidewalk. I smiled instantly because it immediately brought me back to my childhood when I spent hours drawing with chalk, and it warmed my heart to think of today's kids doing the same,… Continue reading 9. Chalk-full of Inspiration

8. Hit Play [Music Monday #1]

Hello again, my lovelies! So, I thought it’d be a good idea to redirect myself for this post, and steer away from the serious, lovey-dovey theme I’ve had going lately. It occurred to me last night as I was listening to my Thumbprint station on Pandora that it would be fun to do something revolved… Continue reading 8. Hit Play [Music Monday #1]

6. Letters – Part 1

It's been a couple weeks since I've posted, which is mostly because of school, but I'm planning to get a routine going eventually, so at least there will be some form of normalcy here. For this post, I figured I'd kind of continue with the theme of my last post, but change it up a… Continue reading 6. Letters – Part 1