17. Friday the 13th

Hello, hello, hello, dearies! 💀👻👽

I find it so fascinating that this day managed to occur in the spookiest month of the year! Little bit of a coincidence, right?

Even though I would love to do something spooky for you guys, I tend to be quite the scaredy cat, so I managed to find another thing to do. Actually, I found two fun things, but I’ll save the second one for another time. So, be on the lookout for that! 😉

I searched for some Halloween questions and actually came across a Halloween themed would you rather, so that’s the one I’ll be doing first.

My answers will be in bold. 

Please, feel free to share what you guys would rather do in the comments!


1. Walk through a graveyard at midnight
Spend the night in a spooky, abandoned house

2. Dunk for apples
Carve a jack-o-lantern 

3. Be allowed to eat as much Halloween candy as you want for a week, but then have what is left taken away
Be allowed to eat only one piece a day but never have it taken away

4. Meet a vampire
Meet a werewolf

5. Be a vampire
Be a werewolf

6. Read a spooky story
See a spooky movie 

7. Have a costume that is really amazing but also very uncomfortable
Have a costume that isn’t all that special but is very comfortable 

8. Homemade costume
Store bought costume 

9. Get 20 of your favorite treats on Halloween
Get 50 treats that aren’t your favorite on Halloween

10. Go trick-or-treating with a group of friends
Get paid $20 to take a little kid trick-or-treating

11. Go to a really great Halloween party where you don’t know anyone
Go to a lame Halloween party where you know almost everyone

12. Win a contest for having the best costume
Win a contest for making the best jack-o-lantern

13. Sleep in a coffin
Live in a giant pumpkin 

14. Eat 6 fish eyeballs
Eat a small frog

15. Wear your Halloween costume to school everyday until Thanksgiving
Wear a jack-o-lantern over your head to school for the first 3 days of November

16. Help design and make a haunted house
Go to a haunted house somebody else created

17. Be chased by 5 zombies
Be chased by one werewolf 

18. Trick-or-treat in a neighborhood
Trick-or-treat at a mall

19. Eat all of your Halloween candy
Trade your Halloween candy for $10

20. Dress up as a devil
Dress up as an angel

I hope you guys enjoyed this, and I also hope you have a magnificent weekend! Mine will most definitely be filled with homework, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to miss out on the Harry Potter weekend on Freeform (I definitely have my priorities straightened out hahaa).

Till next time, my lovelies


jules 💋

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